Roseland Racing

In 2008, a new hobby was started.  We had been going to the local drag racing track to help

 pit crew for our friend, Nina McDonald. She drag races in a 1969 Pontiac GTO.  Finally, after

 much encouragement, Doug began to race our friend's truck in streets.  He learned quickly and

one night became the winner, beating out many much more experienced competitors.  The bug had

bitten and Roseland Racing was started.



Of course, streets were too tame, so Doug purchased a 1974 Pontiac Firebird, already set up for racing.

  The car has required a lot of work to get it race ready and as a result, has not yet been on the track.  But,

 over the winter, more modifications will be made in anticipation of the 2009 race season.


Of course, the first thing you have to do is tear the car apart and make sure everything is working perfectly.

 But.......the end result is to hopefully be able to race in 2009 with and against Doug's mentor, Nina McDonald, White Tiger Racing, Williamson, NY.



The 2009 racing season has ended and it was quite eventful.

Opening day was a test and tune on a Friday night.  Doug had his first opportunity to drive his car.  Kris took videos of all of his runs and he was getting the hang of burnouts and launches.  But on the first night of racing, during his second time trial burnout, the engine blew on the car.  His modified drag racing went downhill from there for the rest of the season.

Nina gave him the bottom 1/2 of a Pontiac engine.  The engine builder took about 6 weeks to complete the work.  Got the engine back in the car but could not get the timing right.  Took the car to a carberator mechanic and got it tuned up good.  Then the starter flew apart.  The retainer clip kept falling out.  Got the retainer clip fixed.  Took the car to New York International raceway on a Wednesday night for test & tune.  Transmission would not go into reverse and then, park would not hold so car surged forward when trying to start it.  Took the transmission to the transmission shop and traded it for a brand new rebuilt transmission.  By this time, most of the racing season was over.

While his car was in various states of being worked on, Doug again drove the Chevy  truck in streets.  Finished the season in 8th place.

Kris had changed jobs late in 2008 and now was not working every other Saturday.  Started the racing season driving the Dodge Caravan in street class.  Placed 3 times in 5 starts and earned the name "the van lady" at the track.  Purchased a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am for $300.00, put $100.00 in it for brakes, bought a tow dolly to haul the Grand Am behind the Caravan and raced most of the rest of the season in the Grand AM.  Ended the season tied for 3rd place!

2010 race season.

Cannot believe how time has gone by so fast.  Doug started the season with the rebuilt engine but due to an internal part being put into the engine incorrectly, only got about 1/2 way into the season when the new rebuilt engine blew up.  Nina had a spare engine that she had removed from her car and it was smaller but in working order, so Doug was back on the track racing again.

Kris bought a 1986 Fiero and replaced the Grand AM.  She won the National Dragster Challenge in the street class and took home the Wally trophy!  Finished the season in 6th place.

2011 race season

Doug found a new enginer builder, but raced the entire season on the engine he completed the 2010 season with.  Doug went to the Pontiac Nationals with Nina and Mary Lou.

Kris finished 6th place again with the Fiero.

2012 race season

Doug's new engine is in the car and he is putting the final touches on it to start racing.

Doug also made some signficant changes to Kris's Fiero and the hope is that it will run much more consistent.

Both are planning on going to the Pontiac Nationals in OH in August.

2013 race season

Doug raced another season, but just before the end of the season, started experiencing problems due to a return of colon cancer. He missed the last couple of race events at the end of August, beginning of September.   Kris finished in 6th place again.

Both went to the Pontiac Nationals in OH in August.


Although Doug was able to race a couple of times, A fall off the end of his race trailer at the end of May resulted in a broken leg which took him out of circulation. In addition, more problems due to the colon cancer prevented him from completing a race season.  Although he did go to the Pontiac Nationals in OH in August, he did not race. After returning from the Pontiac Nationals, Doug was told that there were no more treatment options for the colon cancer.  He died October 17, 2014.

Kris competeted in limited season and finished 9th.